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Ngong Police have shared the following mobile numbers in case of insecurity concerns during the census period.  Kindly contact the officer in your area below.

OCS Ngong  – 0703122006

Ngong Township (Inspector Ali  – 0720759469)

Enchoro Emuny area (Inspector Joyce – 0722551661)

Oloolua  (Sergent George Kabiru – 0723242459)

Olepolos (Sergent Peter Jackson – 0727158346)

Upper Matasia (Corporal Malwa – 0789547480)

Lower Matasia (Inspector Maina – 0723586337)

Kerarapon (Senior Sergent Malanga – 0716571484)

Lekurruki – Inspector Daniel – 0726612570)

Olkeri (Corporal Kazungu – 0713766577)

Embulbul (Inspector Juma – 0720778937)

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