COMPARISON: Machakos Town and Kajiado North Towns

Former IPOA Commissioner and Hotelier Ronald Leposo Musengi last Friday during the funeral mass of the late Oliver “cheka cheka” Seki claimed that, Machakos county roads are well done in comparison to the local roads.  Elveza media team travelled to Machakos the following day to verify his claims and also to compare the town with Kajiado North Sub County Towns.

Machakos is one of the oldest towns in Kenya. There are claims that it was established in 1887, twelve years before Nairobi. The Kenya Uganda railway bypassed the town and therefore Nairobi eventually became the Capital city.

We started the tour in Majengo area. The area was until recently according to several residents we spoke to, was a nightmare to live in.  Residents used to defecate in open drains with solid and liquid waste was everywhere.  Flooding was common during the rainy seasons.  Today the area has a well covered drainage system and well done roads. Security in the area has improved due to improved lighting.  We found Mama Salim Twalibu who is a resident of Majengo sweeping a section of the road near her property. She told us, the residents sweep the road regularly to maintain cleanliness.  She further said “we do our part and don’t wait for the government to clean our door steps”

The drainage system

The drainage system in Machakos Town is way advanced than Kajiado North.  The drainages are well done and well covered.  There are a several cases of vandalism and dumping of solid waste in the drainage channels.


Liquid Waste Management

The town has a colonial era sewerage system which functions very well. All the liquid waste from all corners of the town flows to a very small facility near Kariobangi area.  The waste is then pumped a few kilometers away into lagoons.  The facility is managed by a very passionate and dedicated team of workers who were happy to show me around.  There are a few cases of properties dumping liquid waste openly.

Solid Waste Management

This is the only issue the town has not managed to completely control.  There are a few pockets of dumpsites in the outskirts of the town.  Availability of skips can solve the problem.


Almost all the roads within the town are well tarmacked.  Most of the footpaths are paved.

The market

The town has four market sections as follows; the retail food market, the wholesale food market, the old “marikiti”market and the clothes section.  Order and civility in the markets is clearly visible in all the sections.  I spoke to a trader who said “majority of traders follow the market rules apart from a few young generation traders who flout rules once in a while”.  The paths within the clothes market are clear and wide enough for a vehicle to drive through.


Recreational facilities

There is a park in the heart of the town in honor of veteran late politician Mulu Mutisya.  There is also the famous Machakos people’s park near the showground.

Public Transport

The matatu’s operate with so much civility and order.  There are no conductors harassing passengers as they do in Rongai and Ngong. There are however a few operators who solicit for passenger in petrol stations but they do it secretly.

Roadside Kiosks

There are very few roadside kiosks in Machakos Town.


Machakos Town is way ahead of Kajiado North in regard to service delivery to the people.  The town residents follow the rules and those assigned to enforce the rules do their work.

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