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SUSPECTED CHOLERA: Outbreak in Ngong

The death of Evelyne Nyaboke, a 30 years old Ngong resident also known by the nickname Khaki Khaki last Sunday, prompted Ngong public health officials to shut down several pubs in Ngong Town today.  It is not very clear why the officials specifically targeted the pubs which are all located in the same building.  Evelyne was well known by patrons of the now-closed pubs where she was a regular and was described as a lovely girl who used to work as a cleaner in various pubs.

The late Evelyn Nyaboke

According to several people we spoke to, Evelyne reported to work feeling unwell, the pub owner gave her some cash to visit a nearby chemist for medication. She went to the chemist and found it closed.   According to eyewitnesses, she sat down on the Verandah and that is when some friends of her noticed she was not ok and decided to rush her to Ngong Sub-County Hospital.  It is claimed she died at the hospital at around 10 – 11am. Ngong public health officer Mr Mutiso said they are suspecting cholera could have been the cause of the death but they will confirm affirmatively once they get results from the government chemist soon.

Another lady who was a friend of the late Evelyne Nyaboke was also admitted at Ngong Sub-County Hospital the same Sunday with Cholera symptoms.  Our reporter spoke to a family member who confirmed the lady was indeed admitted last Sunday with Cholera symptoms.  She further said the patient is getting better and may be discharged tomorrow.

A third lady was admitted today in the afternoon at the same hospital with suspected cholera symptoms.


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