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GATAKA PROTESTERS: Demand Justice For Child Killed by Lorry


A four years old child identified as Elmanus Musiepa was this morning run over in Gataka by a lorry transporting ballast. The late Elmanus was being escorted to school by her elder brother.

Mrs Serah Kadenge who is the late Elmanus grandmother speaking to a police officer next to the truck that killed her granddaughter

John Yamech who claimed to have witnessed the tragic accident told the members of the press that, as the two children were crossing the road at around 7:30am, a driver of a small saloon car noticed them and stopped abruptly, to allow them to cross.  John also claimed the lorry driver who was slightly behind the saloon car, attempted to overtake and honked loudly.  He further claimed the children, who had almost crossed the road, panicked and ran back to the road where she was run over by the same lorry.  The brother luckily managed to escape death or serious injuries.  The lorry driver is said to have escaped from the scene.

Mrs Serah Kadenge with the Director of the Everbest Primary School Mr Boniface Omondi

The Late Elmanus Musiepa grandmother identified as Mrs Serah Kadenge visited the accident scene at around 10am and Everbest Primary school where her granddaughter was a baby class student.  The traumatized and sad grandmother said the child’s father had passed on recently bringing more pain to the family.

One of the torched lorries getting ready to be towed away.

Nkaimurunya MCA James Waichanguru faced slight hostility when he visited the scene of the accident and attempted to calm down the protesters who were demanding justice for the late child.  The MCA later made a statement and said there was a request made to Kerra for the Gataka Road contractor to erect bumps along the road.  He further said bumps will be a solution to deter speeding vehicles using the road especially, lorries which are dumping soil in the area.  He requested the traffic police to monitor traffic along the road.

Workers getting the torched lorry ready for towing under armed guard.  The protesters were against the towing of the lorries.

The protesters burnt two Lorries claimed to belong to a Kiserian based businessman who is said to own approximately 30-35 lorries.  The second lorry according to John Yamech arrived at the scene shortly after the incident. The driver stopped to check on his colleague and shortly after, his lorry was also torched by the protesters.   Ngong firefighters who had responded were attacked.  The fire vehicle sustained damages.

Police officers dispersing the protesters

Gataka police were reinforced by Rongai Riot police team and managed to control the crowd mid-afternoon by lodging teargas and firing blanks.  Several people were arrested.

A man suspected to be a protester is arrested by police officers

Today’s accident happened a month to the anniversary of the 7 children who were run over by a lorry along a road connecting Elmerijo and Olkeri in June 2017.  6 children died on the spot and 1 child died in the hospital.

The accident scene
A police officer assists a colleague with his weapon
A protester is overcome with emotions
These men were overcome with emotions
The protesters had barricaded the road with mostly rocks
The man was not lucky and was arrested on suspicion of being a protester
Many people sought refuge in other peoples houses as the police combed the area
A police officer patrolling the area
A police officer launching a teargas canister
A police officer attempting to calm down the protesters before the trucks were towed away




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