Community Funeral Annoucement Kangawa Oloolua People

OBITUARY: Fare thee well, Mama Hannah Sikorei

The Funeral of Mama Hannah Sikorei was held on 30 April in the family land, Oloolua.  The late Hannah was born in 1937 in Ngong Enoomatasian.  She was the first-born child of the late Samuel Kapaai and the late Salome Kapaai.

Hundreds of people attended the funeral

The deceased who was popularly known as Mama Mando or mama Mutunkei grew up herding her parent’s livestock as the culture of the Maasai.

The deceased married the love of her life the late Isaac Sikorei Ole Sintei in 1958 and were blessed with seven children. They solemnized their wedding in August 1997. Their wedding was so unique at that time because their children and grandchildren were their best men and maids.

The priest hands over the deceased membership certificate to her two daughters. The deceased was a member of the women’s guild.

As a very active member of Oloolua P.C.E.A Church, she brought up her children in strict Christian values.  She was also a member of the Women’s guild, a sponsor of the Oloolua Church Choir and a member of Kangawa district.

Since she was born during an era when Maasai Community didn’t value education, ass an adult she pursued the most precious thing she missed as a child and enrolled for adult education together with several other women of her age group in Oloolua.

The education gave her the opportunity to be able to read the bible herself and sign documents with ease and confidence. Her emphasis on the need for the younger generation to pursue education to their maximum potential was evident.

After graduating in her adult education, she was employed by City Council of Nairobi as it was called then in 1997.  She was later transferred to Dagoretti Corner Dispensary then to Karen Health Centre.  She worked there until 2004 when she retired.  She assisted many people especially from Ngong area whenever they went there for treatment.

Ngong Catholic Church brass band leading the funeral procession.

Friends who know the late Mama Hannah Sikorei very well described her as a very loving person who always wore a smile on her face despite any situation.  Her love for her family and siblings was evident.  They also described her as very social, made friends easily and always advised families to love and cherish each other.

The deceased started suffering from arthritis a while back. Her children took her to several hospitals notably Kikuyu Hospital, Nairobi Hospital and at one time in Kitale where she was treated by Dr. Gereza and Dr. Shah.

Members of the women’s guild at the grave site

In 2018, her health started deteriorating and was admitted at Aga Khan Hospital. Her health improved and she was discharged.

After a short while, the problem seemed to worsen and was rushed to Nairobi Hospital where she was admitted for 12 days.  She was discharged and came back home in a very happy mood.  Unfortunately, she developed severe chest pain later that night and was rushed to Nairobi Women’s Hospital, where she was admitted there for 12 days again.  On 20 April she succumbed to illness at around 5 pm when she later passed on.

Family members giving their final respect

The late Mama Hannah Sikorei left behind 5 children, seventeen grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

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