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Kajiado North public participation sector consultative meetings for preparation of 2019-2020 Budget will come to close today in Ongata Rongai Social Hall starting 9am.  The meetings started on 8th April in Ngong Town.

Maryanne Kariuki representing Kajiado County Treasury said 2019-2020 financial year total budget will be Ksh8.7 Billion.  The Total Budget will be generated National Government (Ksh6.2 Billion), Local Revenue (Ksh1.59 Billion) and Conditional Grants (Ksh843 Million)

Maryanne Kariuki

The County Government Expenditure will be as follows: 

Development Budget will be Ksh2.6 Billion.  Each ward will receive 30 million shillings which when multiplied by 25 wards within Kajiado County totals Ksh750 Milion.  The remaining balance of Ksh1.85 billion will, therefore, be shared between County Government Departments and the Governor flagship Projects.

Total Recurring Budget will be Ksh6.1 Billion as follows; Personnel Budget Ksh3.3 Billion and Operations Budget will be Ksh2.8 Billion

Ongata Rongai Residents have been requested to come out in large numbers and participate in the process.

You can also send your views to the County Treasury via the following email:

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