Development Environment Kajiado County Kerarapon

480 NEW HOMES: Proposed Project In Kerarapon

A meeting to discuss a proposed private development in Kerarapon, Oloolua Ward was held on 16th March 2019 at Deliverance Church in Embulbul.  The proposed project which is facing resistance from some area residents will be developed in a 3 acres piece of land located along Kerarapon Drive.

The project once completed will consist of 10 blocks each made up of thirteen storey (ground + 12 upper floors) residential building blocks and a commercial center. The total number of residential units will be 480.  A total of 9 blocks will comprise 2 bedrooms and 1 block will comprise 3 bedrooms.

Mr Njoroge (Kiburu & Associates Ltd) presenting the project environmental impact assessment plan

The commercial block will comprise 4 shop units on the ground floor, 5 shop units plus food court on the first floor, gym and spa on the 2nd floor,  and swimming pool, bar, kitchen, storerooms, water tanks on the roof and other auxiliary facilities. There will also be a mini-mall on the commercial building, tennis courts, play area, and a jogging track all around the development.  Residents will get permanent membership but outsiders will also be allowed to use the facility.  Playfields will be on the 1st floor.

Each block will have 2 lifts to ascend to the 13th floor.  The developer is also proposing to build a sewer treatment plant similar to the one which was installed at the 2 rivers mall.  The facility will recycle the wastewater with excess water released to the river after being approved by kebs.  To sustain the development energy needs, there will be 1000kba electricity power substation and generator in place.

Kandom Property Point Limited which is behind the project is planning to build a massive underground water storage space under the basement.  The developer will also drill several boreholes on site but they did not say exactly how many.  Rainwater harvesting and tapping into the community water supply services will be considered, to supplement the required water needs once completed.

The project is seeking approval from NEMA and the County Government for Architectural design and change of use from Agricultural to Commercial.

The following Concerns and suggestions were raised by the residents

The meeting was held in Deliverance Church Embulbul
  • Mr Kenneth Oigo who is a civil engineer claimed, the project once completed and fully occupied may require approximately 40,000 Liters of water daily for domestic use.  He claimed that the volume of water supply is not sustainable.
  • The current water supply in Kerarapon is not enough even for the current population.  The residents receive water once per week.
  • Drilling of multiple boreholes may affect the water table downstream.
  • The project is too high and along the flight path bringing safety concerns to airplanes.  The residents requested the project developer to share details of approvals from KCAA (Kenya Civil Aviation Authority) the County Government of Kajiado or any other agency.  Mr. Njoroge who was leading the presentation on behalf of the developer, confirmed they don’t have approvals from KCAA.  The residents also requested the developer to seek approval from KENHA.
  • A resident claimed the project may add an extra 1000 vehicles on the already congested Ngong Road traffic.  In response, the project manager said they are in discussion with Kajiado County Government to find a solution.  One of the suggested solutions is to develop the back road bordering vet farm.  The residents responded by saying they know very well the road cannot be used and those plans will fail.  The project manager suggested the developer may consider building a roundabout if allocated space by the County Government.
  • Esther Githinji said the residents require a very clear and detailed plan, on how the developer intends to carry out the project in order to deliberate on what to do as a community.
  • Mr. Mungai said it is clear the meeting was called as a plan B after the developer initial plan failed.  He claimed a representative of the developer had visited their home, and attempted to trick a member of the family to sign a document without clear explanation.
  • The residents present agreed the meeting is not a public participation forum but an awareness meeting to share information with the community.
  • Mr. Kenneth Oigo claimed the majority of those present during the meeting were connected to the developers. He claimed approximately 90% of the residents were not present during the forum and therefore disqualifying the meeting as a valid public participation forum.
  • The residents also claimed the area is zoned as a medium density area, which can carry only 3 storey buildings.
  • Construction vehicles must not use Kerarapon Drive to prevent road damage, and must only use the back road.
  • One of the residents who showed support for the project was Mr Nangurai .  He said the project is a good investment for the community, and there is a probability all the units will not be occupied at once, and therefore the resident’s projections may be inaccurate.

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