Community Huduma Number Kajiado County Rongai Youth

HUDUMA NAMBA: Registration Process Launched in Rongai

Kajiado North Huduma Number registration process was officially launched yesterday on 03rd April in Rongai.  Kajiado North Deputy County Commissioner Tom Anjera, Kajiado North MP Hon. Joseph Manje, Rongai MCA Hon. Pere Mwathi, Nominated MCA Hon. Wachuka and Kajiado North Police Commander Joseph Muika graced the event.

DCC Tom Anjera

The registration will continue every day for the next 43 days between 7am and 5pm. DCC Tom Anjera said the government has spent a lot of money to train the youth who will be registering residents and foreigners.   He further directed National Government Administration Officers (NGAO) to scale down on land cases and other disputes to concentrate on the registration process for the next 43 days.

Kajiado North Registration was launched yesterday

The DCC urged all government officers to come forward and register themselves.  He concluded by urging residents to give the agents full support to complete their work successfully.

Hon. Manje urged men who are concerned with the Huduma number to come forward and register.  He assured those men who have children outside of their marriages that, the Huduma Number will not expose them.

Mama Amina who is a resident of Rongai said residents should ignore the claims that the Huduma number is the devil’s number – 666.

Mr Crispin Ooko who is the Chairman of Nyumba Kumi in Laiser, Rongai said huduma number will make identification of residents easier in nyumba kumi clusters.  He also said, “with Huduma Number you don’t need to carry multiple documents”.

Documents Required:

ID card (18yrs and above)

Birth Certificate for those under 18yrs or Birth Notification

Driving License -if you have one.

Passport if you have one.

If you have expired documents, they will register them.

If you have more than one wife specify how many and the number of children.

The agents will take your photograph and fingerprints.

Agents will carry identification documents and will not do registration before 7am and beyond 5pm.

Jane Tonkei, Kajiado North NIIMS ICT Admin Lead.




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