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VICTIM OF CORRUPTION: Elderly Lady Harvests Pumpkin Leaves Along The Banks Of A Heavily Polluted River

Our reporter came across the elderly lady photographed yesterday in Elpaso scavenging for food. She was risking serious injuries by attempting to climb down a sewage-filled river to harvest pumpkin leaves.  In response to our reporter query, why she was attempting to harvest the pumpkin leaves, she said “I don’t have food and the money we receive from the government for the elderly has delayed”

The old lady who claimed she lives in Gichagi Ngong

The government sets aside Ksh2000 monthly for each registered elderly person payable quarterly.  Even though the money benefits many senior citizens especially with food, it is not enough for the senior citizens taking care of their orphaned grandchildren.

A young man passing offered to harvest the pumpkin leaves for the elderly lady

The old lady requested the government to consider making payments on a monthly basis instead of quarterly.    Mr Njoroge who lives in Elpaso and witnessed the old lady attempt to harvest the pumpkin leaves said: “it is a shame billions of shillings are being stolen daily and yet our grandmothers cannot enjoy their golden years with dignity!”


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