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INVITATION TO A TOWN HALL MEETING: To Discuss Environmental and Sanitation Crisis in Kajiado North and Parts of Kajiado West

Raw sewage flows openly in all the towns within Kajiado North and parts of Kajiado West.  Almost all the rivers within Kajiado North constituency are heavily polluted.  Some property owners are pumping raw sewage openly without fear, exhauster trucks are dumping raw sewage daily, directly into rivers without fear in Ngong Town.

Elveza Media will be holding a Town Hall meeting in Sungura Plaza, Ngong Town on Saturday 23rd March 2019  ( 2pm-4pm)

The theme of the meeting

There seems to be a disconnection between society, their representatives, those in charge of public services and the law. At the end of the meeting, we hope to find the missing link between Society, their representatives and those in charge of public services and the law as far as the environment and sanitation is concerned.  Society has participated in many forums, meetings, reported pollution cases, but very little changes seem to be taking place according to society. Therefore the question that will need to be answered at the end of the forum is – What else can the society do legally, to push or assist those in charge of protecting our environment, and keeping our towns and neighborhoods clean?

We have sent invitations to the following panelists; Kajiado County Public Health and Environment Officials, Ngong Municipal Manager Mr David kuntai kobaai. Kajiado NEMA Director Mr Godfrey Wafula, Law Society of Kenya, Professor John Henry –African Nazarene University, Environmentalist Chris Muriithi, a religious leader and Ms. Phyllis Wanjiku  – Africa Development Emergency Organisation.  The residents will have a chance to ask questions to the panelists and participate in the discussion.

We will also invite the local elected leaders to send their representatives to attend the forum but not as panelists. We hope the representatives will collect vital information which, the elected leaders can use to serve their electorates better.  This is a forum where the society sits together to discuss issues affecting them and finding solutions. Politics will not be allowed at any time.

The Town Hall meeting is being facilitated by WWW.ELVEZA.COM  

For more details call: 0726072581


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