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“COME GET YOUR SHOES” Cobblers Appeal

Cobblers in Ngong, have called upon their clients who haven’t picked up their shoes to do so.  Speaking to our reporter, the cobblers complained there are some clients who brought their shoes for repair a while back, never to be seen again.

One of the cobblers said “we don’t usually ask for a deposit because you expect clients to collect their shoes, unfortunately, some just disappear and leave you with shoes without a resale value”

A man showing a shoe which has remained uncollected for a while.

A client who was getting his shoe repaired told our reporter “there is no money circulating in the pockets of the common man, people repair their shoes over and over again because they cannot afford to buy new ones”

One of the cobblers brought out a sack filled with uncollected clients shoes.  He claimed the space he stores his tools of work is very small to accommodate such a large number of shoes.

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