Community Community Groups Development Kajiado County Ngong Town


Last year a young passed away in Gichagi, Ngong which is nowadays known as Uplands.  He left behind his only family member, his brother.  They were both orphans and not financially well off.  Several women mobilized other women from the community who all decided, to assist with the wake and funeral expenses.

Mr Kimotho leading the prayers to bless chairs bought by the women recently.

The young man was buried and shortly afterward, a new community women group was born.  The group which is known as Gichagi Mwaki Women Group was specifically formed to assist members in-case of emergencies such as death.  Each member contributes Ksh120  and a piece of wood.  The cash is used to cover funeral expenses and the firewood is used during the wake to cook food and tea.  The firewood also is used to make fire, to warm those who stay late, with the deceased family for companionship.

The group recently managed to purchase 145 chairs and are planning to purchase a tent.  This is a good investment according to the area residents since the residents now have chairs to sit on during community public meetings.  Each member had contributed 150 shillings towards the purchase of the chairs.

Area leaders including the Chief and the Chairman came to support the women

Mr Kimotho who is a resident of the area requested the men to support the women wholeheartedly.  He said the women are showing leadership never seen in the community before.



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