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“I WASH MY HANDS” Ngong Chief Kimemia Pontius Pilate Moment

Ngong Ass. Chief George Kimemia yesterday gave a stern warning to criminals operating within his area of jurisdiction.  The chief requested mothers to talk to their sons who are engaging in criminal activities to stop immediately.   He said he has done everything possible to influence change to those engaging in crime, but some have refused to change.

The Chief concluded the security message by declaring that he has washed his hands, and from now onwards, he should not be blamed for whatever happens to those engaging in crime.  Residents of Ngong have been complaining about a rise of insecurity cases in the last two months.

The Ass. chief also advised the residents to subscribe to NHIF to cover themselves, in case of medical emergencies.  He also requested a united development dialogue of all residents within Gichagi and especially those living next to the roads.  The dialogue is meant to find a solution to the narrow roads within the area.  The Ass. Chief said the area can also benefit from tarmac roads like other areas, but the area roads must meet the minimum roads standard.

Ass. Chief Kimemia was speaking yesterday during a meeting organized by Gichagi Mwaki Women Group.


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