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NGONG DEPUTY OCS: “Criminals Are Back In Town And They Have Not Even Started!”

Ngong Deputy OCS this afternoon told Embulbul Sub-location Nyumba Kumi elders that, criminals are slowly coming back to Embulbul.  The meeting was hosted by Embulbul Ass. Chief Mutangili who is receiving praises, from some residents for holding baraza’s regularly.

Deputy OCS Ali requested residents to share information to help police manage crime.  He warned the elders that the criminals haven’t even started and unless the community and the police work together, things may get worse.  He promised to increase police patrols during the night, to ensure residents sleep peacefully.  He was responding to complains from some of the elders, who said the police are not patrolling adequately during the night.

Left -Ngong Deputy OCS Ali and Embulbul Sub-location Ass. Chief Mutangili
Alcohol traders and drugs

Majority of the elders also accused police of releasing drug dealers and alcohol traders shortly after arresting them.  Embulbul residents have been complaining that alcohol traders are selling alcohol as early as 6am and continue throughout the day.  The Deputy OCS in response said any person arrested by the police, with his or her details entered in the OB (Occurrence Book), the suspect is normally taken to court.  He gave the elders his mobile number and that of the Ngong OCS,  He requested them to share with area residents.  He also requested anyone who comes across a police officer misbehaving, to report the incident to him or to the OCS immediately.  He further said in case one feels uneasy to report to either of them, he or she can report directly to the OCPD.

Did you know – anyone can walk into any police station and request to go through the OB (Occurrence Book)?
Licensing Loophole

Ass. Chief Mutangili and the Deputy OCS both agreed that there is a licensing loophole, that allows alcohol traders to operate throughout the day.  According to the Ass. Chief, many wine and spirit businesses apply for a wholesale trading license from Kajiado County Government.  The wholesale License allows them to trade as early as 10am till late.  The wholesale License only allows the business to supply to general alcohol retail traders who are allowed to open their bars from 5pm till 11pm (Mon-Fri) and 2pm till 11pm (Saturday and Sunday).     According to the Ass. Chief Mutangili, bars are also applying for nightclub and restaurant licenses.  The licenses allow them to sell alcohol during the day and late at night.

  • Nightclubs are allowed to trade alcohol between 7pm and 3am daily.
  • Rural and Semi-Urban areas general alcohol traders can only do so until 8:30pm.
  • Supermarkets can sell alcohol between 10 am and 8:30pm.
  • Hotels are allowed to sell alcohol to their guests any time of the day for consumptions with meals.



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