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ELPASO FAMILY PRIVACY: Violated As Bored Commuters Watch Them

A family in Elpaso, Ngong has been forced to extend their fence vertically to approximately 15 feet. Bored commuters waiting for matatu’s cannot help snooping around the compound with their eyes. A woman who lives in the property told our reporter, life has become unbearable since the bus stop was moved there late last year. She further said “the moment you step out of the door, there is one or few people watching you”

Area residents had raised concerns over the location of the bus stop. One of the concerns raised included; lack of escape route for commuters incase of emergency due to the edge sharpness. The concerns were raised to the contractor representative by area residents last year. The contractor had promised to work on the bus stop safety measures, but so far nothing has been done.

The controversial bus stop. Residents question which criteria the road agency that approves such developments used to give it a go ahead.

The bus stop was moved during the construction of the shell petrol station in Elpaso. Area residents still question when and how public participation was held for the bus stop to be moved.

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