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LAND INVESTORS HAPPY: As Elveza Media Introduces Background Research Services

Imagine investing your hard earned money to buy a piece of land in Kenya, only to be told years later that it is public land, a road, three other people have title deeds for the land, the land is in riparian zone etc.  It can be devastating.  If you have identified land in Kenya you wish to buy, but you are not sure whether the land is genuine or not.  Elveza Media can help you. 

Elveza Media is a community media house based in Sungura Plaza, First Floor, Ngong Town.  We publish local stories that matter most to the local person such as developments, security, environments, education, governance etc.  We believe our connection to communities and the information we share, can benefit you in the Diaspora or right here in Kenya, when it comes to decision making, especially in areas of investment.

How can we help you? We can help you by doing background research on the land you wish to buy such as;

  • Who owns it?
  • Who was the previous owner?
  • Is there a dispute over the land?
  • Has there ever been a dispute over the land?
  • Was the dispute ever resolved?
  • What was the dispute about?
  • How far is the land from services and amenities such as electricity, water, schools, transport services etc?
  • Which developments are proposed to take place there?  Are they really planned or just brokers speculating to sell land?
  • How far is the land you wish to buy from the proposed developments?
  • Is the land in an agricultural zone, commercial, municipal etc?
  • Is it public land? 
  • What does it mean when for example the land is agricultural zone, or municipal? There are so many factors that can affect you in the future for failure to research properly. 

How did we come up with this idea?  A Kenyan lady living in Canada contacted us 6 months ago requesting assistance from Elveza Media. She wanted background information on a piece of land she had bought five years ago but was having problems in getting a title deed.  We did the research for her and it turned out, she had been sold public land.  The broker who sold her the land was no longer in business.   She came to learn later that her own brother, who was representing her here in Kenya, was also involved in the SCAM.  She lost 2 million shillings.  Finally, she was able to know the truth and move on.

Independent Data;   You need an independent entity without any connection to land dealings, to give you well-researched DATA that will help you make the right decision, before investing your hard earned money.   Some land brokers will never give you all the information because their main objective is to make a sale. 

Why should you trust us? As a community media house, we understand communities better than anyone else, we have access to communities better than anyone else, we get genuine information from the communities better than anyone else.  We know how to get information from communities.  You can trust us to give you accurate data.

Is there a charge for the service? Yes – there is a charge for the service.  To do research we need our researchers to go on the ground and talk to neighbors and so many other people just ensure we get the nitty-gritty details which can help you make the right decision.   

Information required to start the research?  Land details i.e title details, location etc.   After researching, we will send you the confidential DATA via email.  You will then be able to compare what the land brokers told you with our DATA. 

How can you contact us? You can call us on 0726072581 or send us an email:  You can also visit our news website:  WWW.ELVEZA.COM just to have a look at what we do.

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