Business Crime Ngong Town Transport


A taxi Driver last week lost his Probox taxi in Ngong Town, in what seems like a well planned theft.  According to the victim, a young woman came and found another taxi driver, and inquired for the owner of his taxi. The other taxi driver tried to persuade the young woman to use his taxi, but she insisted on the Probox.   

Eventually, the other taxi driver gave up and called the victim. The young woman who was described by other taxi drivers as “hot and smooth as a tomato” and wearing a very short dress, requested to be taken to a popular bar and restaurant in Vet.  When they arrived, she requested him to join her for a quick nyama choma lunch.  The taxi driver agreed. The victim told our reporter, he was expecting the young woman to pay for the journey and the waiting time.

While they were having lunch, the victim received a call from a client in Karen.  The young woman told the taxi driver to go ahead, and promised to wait for him.  The lady took out a 1000 shillings note and requested a waiter to bring a cold Guinness in order to get some change.  She gave the taxi driver 600 shillings for fuel. 

Taxi drivers in Ngong town are now said to be wary of young beautiful passengers

The taxi driver left the young woman enjoying her cold Guinness and drove off to Karen.  He came back after approximately an hour, and found the young woman waiting for him.  The taxi driver who had a daily school run, left vet together with the young woman.  They drove to the school to pick up a child.  

They arrived at the school and picked up the child.  According to the driver, he can’t remember what happened after that.  His only memory is of the young woman driving his vehicle.  The child arrived home safely.

The man was later found deeply asleep in a lodging of a popular bar in Ngong Town.  It is claimed the young woman approached the lodging security guard, and requested him to escort her to pick up her visitors, nearby since it was dark. 

The watchman being a gentleman agreed.  Along the way, the young woman suggested they go to a nearby bar, to wait for her visitors.  The young woman ordered a soda for the security guard.  Moments later, she requested the security guard to watch over her mobile phone and her drink, as she left to pick her visitors.  The security guard continued to drink his soda without suspecting anything. 

After sometime, the security guard became impatient and decided to go back to the work place.  He found the vehicle gone.  He raised alarm after finding the taxi driver deeply asleep in the lodging.  The man was taken to the hospital.  

The security guard eventually found out the mobile phone belonged to the victim and not the young woman.  The victim still hasn’t found his vehicle.

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