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SHADE HOTEL: Opens In Jamuhuri Park as Owner Gets Court Order To Stop Eviction

Shade hotel Proprietor Mr. Thairu opened his first business, a bar in Gachie in 1975.  In 1980 as he was heading to Ngong, he noticed the land, where he has operated shade Hotel for the last 36 years.  Upon inquiry, he was told that several people had tried, operating hospitality businesses there without success. He decided to give try it out, and that is when he met the owner of the land, a wealthy businessman known as Muhu Kang’ari.  Mr. Thairu described the late Muhu Kang’ari as an industrious, visionary gentleman who kept his word.

A worker putting the kitchen together at Jamuhuri Park Shade Hotel today

The late Muhu made his money according to our sources, in the slaughterhouse business in Dagoretti.  It is claimed he purchased cattle at good rates from the white farmers, who were leaving after Kenya gained independence. He also allowed other meat traders to use his slaughterhouses for a fee. It is claimed the late Muhu left vast wealth to his family.  Our sources claimed the family owns or at some point had owned at least 3 properties In Nairobi Haile Selassie Avenue, Nairobi River Road, Nakuru, Naivasha, approximately 15-20 acres of land in Karen, land, and properties in Dagoretti.  Dagoretti economy was built by Muhu Kang’ari according to a mzee identified as Chege.  “until today, the slaughterhouse business is what keeps the economy of Dagoretti going” Mzee Chege said.

A worker putting towels together at Jamuhuri Park Shade Hotel today

At around 1980 according to Mr. Thairu, the late Muhu Kang’ari agreed to lease 2 acres out of the total 5 acres land at a cost of Ksh5,000 per month.  He further claimed the late Muhu Kang’ari had promised to compensate him for any development in the land.  Mr. Thairu said “The late Muhu was a good man, he allowed me to build the hotel until 1982 without charging me anything”.

According to Mr. Thairu, the land had horses and stables.  He decided to convert the stables to start his famous Shade Hotel business.  Mr. Thairu further claimed that he later came into an agreement with the family of the late Muhu to increase the rent to Ksh100,000.  Mr. Thairu claims he has invested tens of millions in the land and the only dispute he has with the late Muhu family is not a rental dispute but a compensation dispute for the developments he has done in the land.

A worker at Jamuhuri Park Shade Hotel today

Mr. Thairu told our reporter that, his lawyer managed to get a court order yesterday 25th January stopping the ongoing eviction.  Our reporter visited Karen police station to verify whether a court order was served, and indeed an officer at the reception confirmed that two court orders were served this week, one allowing eviction and another court order was served yesterday, stopping the eviction.

Our reporter today visited Mr. Thairu at Shade Hotel in Jamuhuri Park, where he plans to temporarily continue serving his clients.  Workers were busy cleaning and putting everything in place. He promised to continue operating Shade Hotel even if it means acquiring another permanent property.

Elveza Media has attempted to reach out to the family of the Late Muhu Kang’ari, without success.  For the sake of objectivity, we kindly request any family member of the late Muhu Kang’ari to get in touch with us on 0726072581 to tell us their side of their story.


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