SHADE HOTEL: 36 Years Of Operation Comes To a Bitter End.

The proprietor of the famous shade hotel along Ngong Road has been evicted following what has been claimed to be a rental dispute. The eviction which was executed by Daystar auctioneers took place this afternoon following a court order which was issued on 24th October 2017. The land in which shade Hotel was located is owned by a family led by a woman identified as Serah Mutuu.    

The proprietor of Shade manufacturers and hotels Mr Thairu speaking to our reporter claimed Serah Mutuu and other family members wants to lease the property to another tenant at a higher rent.  He claimed he has invested a lot of money in the property including a borehole.

Mr Thairu further claimed his 36yrs of investment in the property is valued at Ksh44 million.