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PHOTOS: Olkeri Gataka Road Works Begin.

A man inspects his fence which was cleared by the contractor.

The men carry a part of the gate which was demolished by the contractor

School children walking home after school

Olkeri Primary School fence was not spared as well.

Olkeri Pre-Primary School fence was also affected.

Olkeri MCA Hon. Gitau on site


  1. We, the residents of Olkeri, Ngong, need some more information posted online about this road construction. When can we start using the forest road from Tamfeeds to Olkeri again? The contractors should have closed the road at Tamfeeds so that we did not have to drive past the bridge and right to the section of road that had been excavated. It would be nice to know how the road is being done. And yes, we are very grateful that this road is finally being constructed. Thank you!


  2. While we are grateful that work has started on this road and that this will be a huge blessing for the people of Olkeri, Ngong, we would also like to have more information on the way the road is being built. On Saturday evening, I drove past Tamfeeds, on my way home through the forest as usual, but just past the bridge, there was a hug excavation in the road. You should have closed the road at Tamfeeds. It would also be nice to know when we can start using the road through the forest again. This takes us off the traffic on Ngong road.


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