BEAUTIFUL: Maasai Cultural Ceremony In Oloolua

Former Senior Chief Wilson Tulitu and His wife Margaret Tulitu welcomed family and friends to their home in Oloolua to celebrate, name and bless their newly born grandson.

Mr and Mrs Tulitu

The ceremony which was conducted by Maasai clan elders. Such ceremonies are performed while giving a boy child a maasai name. The grandson was given the Maasai name “Somoire” which means good “aroma” an indication of good things in the future.

There must be at least two clan elders who are highly respected to oversee the ceremony. The elder standing on the right hand side starts the blessings, by calling the child’s mother four times without getting any response back. The same elder again calls the child’s mothers four times again, this time the mother must respond back four times. The elder on the left completes the blessing by spraying milk from his mouth on the child.

Former Senior Chief Tulitu with the two elders who performed the ceremony

Milk, honey and green grass are used in Maasai ceremonies depending on what kind of ceremony it is.

Martin and Beth Lemein

Somoire parents Martin and Beth Lemein who are also residents of Oloolua were present during the ceremony.

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