Elveza Media last week on 20th December hosted NTSA (National Transport and Safety Authority), Ngong Traffic Police and Kajiado North private School Directors, drivers and transport managers in Ngong Town.

The agenda of the forum was to discuss the new Traffic Amended Act 2017, specifically in regard to the school transport.

From Left: Ascar David, Joyce Njoroge, Samuel Musumba and S/Sgt Masila.

NTSA representatives included Safety Strategies Manager Mr Samuel Musumba, Joyce Njoroge and Ascar David who are both Safety Strategies Officer. Ngong Traffic Police Department was represented by S/Sgt Masila

The following is a brief summary of the new traffic act law in relation to Schools;

Vehicles passing within the boundaries of Schools, designated road crossing areas must not exceed a speed of 50kms per hour.

The Highway Authority shall erect and maintain traffic signs within the vicinity of schools, so as to plainly indicate to drivers where the 50kms per hour speed limit restriction begins and ends. The Highway Authority are also responsible in erecting bumps or rumble strips and traffic circles.

It is illegal to park vehicles or build kiosks, that might block children’s view of the road, within the vicinity of schools.

Participants during the forum

School buses shall

Be painted specifically with recommended yellow colour.

Be fitted with safety belts designed to be used by children.

Comply with conditions imposed on public service vehicles.

Rosemary Ngugi who operates private school transport services

Operational Hours

School buses are by law allowed to operate between 5am and 10pm. NTSA however recommends schools to try and operate between 5am and 6pm to prevent fatigue on children. Any school bus operating between 10pm and 5am shall be arrested.

Proffessor Willys Onam during the forum.

Proffessor Willys Onam requested NTSA to come up with structures, which will enable bodabodas to act as a cheaper alternative of school transport, especially in areas with poor road networks. Mr Musumba (NTSA) in response said, bodaboda’s are allowed to transport children to and from school, but must adhere to the traffic rules. Any child under the age of 12 riding in a bodaboda, must be accompanied by an adult and wearing safety helmet.

There are penalties for failure to adhere to the Traffic law.

Elveza Media wishes to thank Ngong Traffic Police Department and NTSA for honoring our invitation.

The following Schools participated and showed commitment, in ensuring their students are safely transported to and from school.

New Seasons Academy, Joram G. Academy, Fanaka Junior School, Hollystar Academy, Teddy Academy, Gate House School, Treasure Day Care & Primary School, PCEA Enchoro Emuny Primary School, Great Vision School, Rosemary Ngugi (Private transport Services), Henry Kabuu
(Private transport Services) Heritage Schools, Oloolua View Academy, Acacia Park School, St. Monica Integrated School Olepolos, St. Vincent School Olkeri, Benezar Academy and PCEA Smyrna Academy. If you are a parent and wish to contact any of the above schools contact ELVEZA MEDIA on 0726072581

We also thank our partners Educat and Hasoft Elegance.

If you are a school/private school children transporter, school bus driver etc and wish to receive a more comprehensive copy of the new amended Traffic Act, kindly contact ELVEZA MEDIA on 0726072581

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