Bulbul Kangawa karen kiambu Kisamis Lemelepo Magadi Road Matasia Mathare-Ngong Mutaratara Ngong Town Olkeri Oloolua Rongai

Get a Free Copy Of Elveza Media School Magazine Special Edition Delivered At Your Door

With so many schools to choose from, many parents will find it difficult to identify the best school/s for their children.  It is almost impossible for a parent to tour every single school in Ngong leave alone Kajiado North. Knowing what kind of education each school offers, where they are located and getting there can also be a challenge.

Most parents ends up depending on referrals from neighbors and friends. Even though referrals are the best,it is always advisable to tour as many schools as possible.  As a parent you know the kind of environment you want your child to be in.

Elveza Media has made it possible for parents to go through a list of existing local schools, with good reputation in one magazine (FREE) which is now out. The magazine will greatly help the busy parents with very little time, to run up and down searching for schools.

Elveza Media has carefully selected schools which vary in terms of fees to ensure, all parents are satisfied irregardless of their economic status.

If you wish to receive a FREE hard copy of December 2018 ELVEZA MEDIA SPECIAL EDITION SCHOOL MAGAZINE send your name, contacts and location via whatsapp number:  0708 353 555 alternatively you can call us on: 0726072581.

If you wish to receive a FREE digital copy either via whatsapp, kindly send the following message “send Free school edition magazine” via whatsapp to mobile number:  0708 353 555.

To receive the copy via email, kindly send your email address together with the following message  “send Free school edition magazine” to Mobile number 0708 353 555 or to elvezamedia@gmail.com.

If you also wish to contact schools which are not listed in the magazine, feel free to call Elveza media on mobile number 0726072581. We will assist you.

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