Bulbul Community Health

GRANDMOTHER RESCUES: Two Children From a Dog Attack

A stray dog last Monday 19th November attacked three children in Bulbul in two separate incidents.

Bianca Njeri was bit on her back

In the first attack, 8 yrs old girl Bianca Njeri was on her way to buy milk from a nearby shop, along Tosheka Road when the dog attacked her. The adult dog described by eye witnesses as brownish in color, bit her on her back. Her painful screams scared the dog which run off towards PCEA Church.

Mr Mosiro showing our reporter where the two siblings were attacked

Barely 200 mtrs away, two siblings aged 6 and 4 yrs old heading to nearby shop, were attacked by the same dog. Mrs Charity Njeri Mosiro who is Bianca Njeri’s grandmother, heard the two children screaming from a nearby friends home. She came out to check what was going on, only to find the dog on top of the two tiny children.  The grandmother bravely fought off the dog with a walking stick.  The dog ran off. One of the sibling identified as Teddy was bit on the lower lip.

Mrs Charity Mosiro only realized later that her granddaughter, was also a victim of the stray dog when she arrived home.

Mrs Charity Mosiro with the walking stick she used to save the two children from the stray dog

Bianca was taken to Ngong Hospital, where she was attended. She is currently on medication until 17th December.  Teddy according to her mother was taken to Hospital and is also under medication.

The attacks took place at around 6:30pm.


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