NGONG BODABODA RIDERS: Train To Get Driving Licences

Ngong Bodaboda Sacco today kick started a 21 days training for its members. 85 members of the sacco will get their driving licences if they pass the practical and theory tests after the 3 weeks training.  The training is a partnership between Ngong Bodaboda Sacco and AA Driving school Rongai.

Mr Peter Gitau (Wearing a Black Shirt)

The Sacco under the Chairmanship of Mr David Gitau paid Ksh200,000 to train the 85 members.  Those who are participating in the training will repay the training fees back to the Sacco via installments.

Mr Gitau is appealing to Bodaboda riders within Kajiado North to join their Sacco. He promised that no bodaboda rider will be denied the opportunity, to enjoy the benefits of being in a Sacco.

Mr Gitau reiterated that Ngong Bodaboda Sacco will do everything to ensure, all the members comply with all traffic rules.  The training is being held at the youth fund office next to Ngong Catholic Cathedral.

Bodaboda riders wishing to join the Sacco can contact Mr Gitau on Mobile: 0710456549

Ngong Bodaboda Sacco Members during the training
Ngong Bodaboda Sacco Members during the training