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TENANTS: Join Hands To Keep Area Clean (Amazing Photos of before and after clean up)

Three months ago, Elveza Media reporter noticed a fence littered with garbage in Salama, Ngong Town. He walked into the low income rental property to investigate the source of the garbage. Three ladies who are tenants agreed to be interviewed and confessed, that all the tenants threw away their waste over the fence.  The reason they gave was that the landlord had not provided them with waste bins.

Our reporter took the initiative to educate the ladies on the need to protect our environment, and the consequences of not managing waste especially diapers, plastic bags etc

The ladies promised our reporter to address the issue, even without the assistance of the landlord.  Yesterday 5th November 2018, our reporter visited the property again to make a follow up.  The property is much cleaner than it was three months ago, and children can now play in a much cleaner environment.

One of the ladies told our reporter “as soon as you left, we organised a meeting, and agreed to contribute a 100 shillings each to buy a bin. We woke up early one morning and cleaned the whole place. We did not even involve the landlord”.

Are you doing something no matter how small to keep our environment clean? Kindly share you stories via whatsapp: 0708 353555







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