REJUVENATING LOCAL TOWNS: Into clean, beautiful and safe for families

A section of Luthuli Avenue in Nairobi which was closed off last week for motorist to demonstrate to residents and business owners how it would look like without vehicles.

Walking in Ngong, Rongai, Kiserian towns is a dangerous task for pedestrians. Motorists have clearly taken over, occupying almost every single space available, according to Eunice Nchoki who is business woman in Kiserian Town.  Eunice further said “If Kajiado county government can turn local towns into beautiful and safe places ideal for families, that would be fantastic. It would bring more visitors, boost businesses, as a result attract investors and hence generate more revenue for the county government”.

7 out of 10 business owners our reporter spoke to, agreed with Eunice there is a need to rejuvenate local towns into places of peace, clean environment and fun for families and shoppers.

Nairobi County Government last week held a very practical public participation forum along Luthuli Avenue.  A section of the busy avenue was closed off for motorists.  The organizers wanted to demonstrate to business owners along the avenue, shoppers etc how Nairobi would look like if some roads were closed off for motorists.  Humphrey Otieno who is a liaison officer with the County Government of  Nairobi said “Nairobi is not only for motorists, pedestrian and cyclists also have a right of using the roads. The County Government wants to turn Nairobi city into a place where families can visit and have a good experience”.  If the plans gets approved, shoppers will be able to walk, cycle and even relax in a bench along Luthuli avenue.

Nairobi County Liaison Officer Humphrey Otieno (White Tshirt) and Nairobi County Trade Officer Nassir Massai (wearing a red cap)

Majority of business owners our reporter interviewed along Luthuli avenue said they support the initiative .  Mohammed who sells mobile phones said “even the air has been fresh this week”

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