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DCC TOM ANJERA: Brings Hope To Kajiado North Residents

The new Kajiado North Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) Tom Anjera is being praised by residents, bodaboda riders and chiefs across Kajiado North as the most hard working DCC ever in the region.

The DCC has held public “barazas” in almost every Location within Kajiado North in the last two months.  He was accompanied by Rongai OCPD Silas Ringera, Ngong OCPD Joseph Muika, Rongai OCS Shamallah, Kajiado North DAPC Daniel Owino, Ngong Assistant County Comissioner Metrin Wafula, Kajiado North Forester Phillip Koskei,Ngong KWS Deputy Warden Adelaine Naliaka among others.

The following key issues were discussed during the baraza’s with Security and drug abuse, dominating the discussions in every location.

A resident speaking during the Lemelepo Baraza last month

Nyumba Kumi Initiative

Residents requested the nyumba kumi clusters to be initiated as a tool to enhance security.  In Lemelepo Location, residents raised the issue of mistrust within the nyumba kumi committees since relatives of some members are suspected of being involved in criminal activities. They requested the DCC to offer a solution.

In Oloolua, Residents said they have no idea, who are the members of the nyumba Kumi committee in the area.  Ngong ACC Metrin Wafula in response said Nyumba kumi committees should not be a secret entity.  The members should be well known by every resident.

A baraza in Lemelepo last month

Drug Abuse

The residents requested the DCC to deal with drug cartels as a matter of urgency. They alleged school children are now consumers of illegal drugs.  The residents also requested for programs to educate children against using drugs. Ngong OCPD Joseph Muika in response during the Oloolua Location “baraza” said residents should report drug dealing activities to the police.  He also requested parents to encourage their children against using drugs to deny the drugs cartels a market.


The DCC requested chiefs to ensure that all children in their area of jurisdiction are attending school.  Parents who do not take their children should be reported.

Non-Performing Chiefs

The DCC fired a warning shot to non performing chiefs.  He promised to demote and fire all non performing chiefs.

A resident speaking during the Lemelepo baraza

Landlords and Employers

Landlords will be expected to keep records of all tenants, employees for security purposes.  The records will also be handed over to the chief as well as the area OCPD.  The DCC also recommended all employers such as building contractors to inform and give the area chief details of all migrant workers they intend to employ.

Sale of Land

DCC Toma Anjera recommended that anyone selling land, should provide evidence to the area chief, that they have an alternative land to settle.  This recommendation is mean’t to deter those who sell all their land, ending up homeless.

The residents requested DCC Tom Anjera to ensure regular chiefs baraza’s are held in every sub-location, and most importantly take action as recommended by the residents.

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