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CRIME SEASON BEGINS: Man Attacks Shop Attendant With A Paving Brick, in Attempted Robbery

A man was yesterday saved from a mob by police in Elpaso, Ngong Yesterday afternoon. The man had attempted to rob a banking and mpesa agent inside Shalom Agrovet and Animal feeds shop.

The shop which the alleged thief attempted to rob a banking and mpesa agaent.

According to eye witnesses, the alleged thief walked casually into a nearby property, after the shop attendant raised alarm.  Residents and traders responded to the alarm and managed to track the man on top of a roof in a nearby property.

The shop attendant told our reporter that the alleged thief, walked into the shop pretending to be a customer.  He requested to withdraw money from Equity Bank and handed over a card.  The withdraw was denied for lack of funds.

A paving brick which was used to attack the shop attendant

While the agent was about to handover the failed transaction receipt, the man hit the lady on the face with a paving brick which was well concealed in a blue shopping bag.

The alleged thief was later arrested by Ngong Police officers after getting a serious beating from the Mob.

The shop attendant was seriously injured on her left eye.

A home robbed twice last week

A home in Elpaso was last week robbed twice. Once during the day in the afternoon and the second time during the night.  Robberies are common during the months approaching Christmas period.

Residents have been advised to report any suspicious activities to the police no matter how small the activities may seem.

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