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UMOJA: Elections To Elect Committee Members Will Take Place Today

Umoja residents will today 22nd October, have another opportunity to elect the area committee members. The repeat elections were called by Ngong Chief Kimemia on 8th October 2018.

The short rains also disrupted the elections

His actions came following an attempt by his office and Ngong MCA office, to give Umoja residents a democratic opportunity, to elect their leaders in a fair and open elections on 8th October. The voting method was through a secret ballot.  Unfortunately the organizers failed to come up with a plan to prevent possibilities of rigging.

Ballots being burnt

Our reporter witnessed as several voters tore their ballots in two, therefore voting twice.  Some agents were clearly participating in the rigging by influencing the elderly voters.  The Chief annulled the 8th October elections and ordered the ballots be burnt in front of everyone.

Todays election method will be “mlolongo”.

Umoja was formerly known as Mathare.

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