Community Devolution Fire Kajiado County Mathare-Ngong Ngong Town

NGONG TOWN: Residents Call For Improvement In Fire Fighting Services

Residents of Ngong Town have requested the County Government of Kajiado to invest in fire fighting services.  This follows a recent fire incident in Umoja, where an extended family of four was left homeless.  The fire which is claimed to have been started by a candle, left Umoja residents bitter with the fire fighting services.  They claimed the truck came late and to make matters worse, the night guard at the community water borehole was no where to be seen.

Fire fighting vehicles parked in Ngong county government revenue offices compound

Speaking to one of the firefighters who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of repercussions, he said they haven’t been facilitated properly.  “We should have a fully equipped station with accommodation, hydrants in different locations and well remunerated”.

Our reporter asked what happens if there is an emergency call in the middle of the night?  The firefighter said, they have to wait for all the crew members to arrive, from their respective private accommodation.

Former Ngong MCA Paul Supet during a recent public participation forum in Pec House said there is a need for the county government to invest in further training of the firefighters.

An all terrain firefighting vehicle, which is ideal for fighting small fires, in areas with narrow roads.

An all terrain fire fighting vehicle is available in Ngong Town.  The vehicle is ideal to fight fires in areas with narrow roads especially slums, but it’s not utilized.  A firefighter alleged a gas component of the vehicle is currently not functional.

Do you think the fire fighting department requires improvement? If yes, what kind of improvement? 

This man who works part time as a cobbler, said he lost many shoes belonging to clients. He had stored the shoes in one of the rooms.
The family lost everything and have requested, members of the public to assist with whatever they can.

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