Chicken Crime Mutaratara

CHICKEN FARMERS: In Fear Following an Avisodomy Act

Small scale Chicken farmers who rear free range chicken in Mutaratara Village are concerned lot, following a recent incident where a chicken was sexually assaulted.

The owner of the chicken identified as Ciku told our reporter that the offender grabbed the chicken from the yard, assaulted it and later abandoned it within the village.

Ciku further said  “can you imagine how much pain the chicken went through. This is shocking and unnatural by all means, it was badly injured”

Another resident who wished to remain anonymous said the incident proves, even children are not safe from sexual predators. She requested the police to ensure the culprit is arrested and put in prison for life.

Traders who said the offender deserves to be hanged.

Our reporter also spoke to a group of traders in Dagoretti area, who said the shameful act deserves a hanging sentence for the offender. “There are so many women around and we don’t mind helping the offender get a wife”

The traders sentiments were disapproved by another trader who termed them as sexist.  She asked “which woman would want to be married to such a beastly human being?”

Ciku confirmed they reported the case to the police but were requested to get a medical report from a veterinary officer.  The Offender is still in the loose and unidentified.  The chicken has since died..

Mutaratara Village lies within the  boundary of Kikuyu Constituency and borders Dagoretti South Constituency.


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