Community Crime Funeral Annoucement Mathare-Ngong Ngong Town

NGONG: Man Found Dead

A man identified as James Ndegwa Maathai, was last Monday 8th October found dead in a rental accommodation in Umoja. Neighbors became concerned following unpleasant smell.

Engineer Mwaura who is a relative to the deceased told our reporter, that the deceased was a former Nakumatt employee in Karen.  The Engineer also claimed the deceased was working as a self employed taxi driver in Karen.

It is alleged the late Ndegwa had two wives. The first wife lives in Nyeri, while the second wife is the one, who had rented the property in which he was found dead.

The property where the late Ndegwa was found dead.

The landlord of the property where the late Ndegwa was found dead is Immediate former Umoja Chairman Mr Peter Kigia.  Mr Kigia said he rented the property to the woman, and was not even aware that she had moved out. “I was not aware the deceased was living there” Mr Kigia said. 

Mr Kigia has confirmed he spoke to the woman claimed to be the second wife, who said she left following a disagreement.

Mr Kigia also claimed, the deceased has two kids with the first wife and two kids with the second wife.  “the deceased was living a while back living with the second wife, they probably had a disagreement and temporarily separated. It is not clear why the deceased, took the children to be taken care of by the first wife” Mr Kigia told our reporter.

Engineer Mwaura confirmed to our reporter that the postmortem results indicated the late Ndegwa died from heart attack.

He will be buried in Muiga Nyeri next week on Wednesday with the both wives expected to attend the burial.

Another body found in the police truck

Residents look at a body of another man found dead in a house in Kibiko.

Those present at the scene were shocked when the police truck which came to carry the body of the deceased was opened only to find a body of another man.  The police told our reporter the man was found dead in a house in Kibiko that same morning.

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