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LIMPA: Jurisdiction Boundary of Ngong & Ongata Rongai Police Departments

Limpa is the jurisdiction boundary of Ngong police command and Ongata Rongai police command according to the Ongata Rongai OCPD Silas Ringera. He was speaking yesterday during the Lemelepo community “baraza”.

The response came following concerns from residents along the boundary who had complained they were not getting sufficient response from the police.  The Ongata Rongai OCPD said his jurisdiction is within Nkaimurunya ward, Ongata Ward and part of Olkeri Ward.  This means anyone living between Limpa and Kiserian should contact either Kiserian or Ngong Police.

Kajiado North DCC Mr Tom Anjere

Ngong OCPD jurisdiction is within Oloolua ward, Ngong Ward and part of Olkeri Ward. In response, Kajiado North DCC Mr. Tom Anjere said he will invite the Ngong OCPD as well as the Kiserian OCS to the next “baraza” in-order to address the issue.

Police reforms

In another matter, the Ongata Rongai OCPD said the new police reforms will bring a lot of changes.  The OCPD further said each constituency will have one OCPD, while each ward will have an OCS.

Bodaboda Riders Requested to Avoid Wearing Beanie Hats

Ongata Rongai OCPD Silas Ringera addressing bodaboda riders wearing beanie hats

The OCDP concluded by requesting bodaboda riders to stop wearing beanie hats which covers most of their face.  This came following concerns from area residents who alleged, some bodaboda riders may be involved in criminal activities within the area, and may be using beanie hats to conceal their identity.

Our reporter spoke to bodaboda riders who denied involvement in criminal activities. The riders however promised to work with the police and the community, to improve relations and security in the area.

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