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KAJIADO NORTH: Government To Start Reclaiming Riparian Land Soon

During a community “baraza” in Lemelepo location yesterday, Ngong chief forester Mr Phillip Kosgei said there 3 types of forests as follows; Public, Community and private forests. Currently logging is banned in public and community forests until November 2018.

Logging in private forests is allowed but only with a permit from the chief, the forester and the ward administrator. The logging in private forest is only limited to some tree species.  Logging of indigenous trees is not permitted in private forests or any other forest. Logging permits are free of charge. There are only two public forests in Kajiado North Constituency i.e Ngong Hills and Oloolua forest.

The was a light moment when Mr Kosgei told the residents that very soon, there will be a law enforcement to make sure 10% of every private land, is covered by trees even if its an eighth of an acre.

Government to reclaim riparian land in Kajiado North Constituency.

Ngong Hills Forester Mr Phillip Kosgei (standing)

Mr Kosgei confirmed the government will soon start reclaiming riparian land within Kajiado North Constituency.  He concluded by saying the riparian zone is 30 meters and it depends with the size of the river, but the distance may be reviewed soon.  Mr Kosgei did not say whether the 30 meters distance will reduce or increase.


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