Crime Olkeri

ILMERIJO: Angry Mob Kills Man

A man was killed by a mob yesterday afternoon in Ilmerijo, Olkeri Ward. The man whose throat was almost completely slit is claimed to be a watchman at a pastors home which is under construction in Ilmerijo.  According to eye witnesses, the man was confronted together with two other men also claimed to be watchmen.  One man escaped while the other man was serious injured and was saved by police officers who had responded.

Why was the man Killed?

It is claimed a few days ago, several homes were raided in Ilmerijo by thugs who raped a form 2 female student.  Yesterday, the rape victim allegedly identified the man who was killed as the rapist and raised the alarm.

The mob accessed the compound by demolishing a section of the wall

According to Mr Kimani Mbugua who is the owner of the land, where the man was killed by the angry mob, the man had been working and living in the community for a while.  Mr Kimani said “I was having a chat with the 3 men in a nearby shop. The men were waiting for their colleague who also is a watchman and were planning to go home and cook ugali for lunch. Suddenly, a mob appeared and the lynched man ran into my compound through the gate which was open.”

According to Sam Wanyoike who is the nephew to Mr Kimani, he was relaxing at his one roomed house when he heard people screaming and shouting. He came out to see what was going on, only to be met by the lynched man who got into his house and locked himself in.

The one roomed house where the lynched man had locked himself in

Mr Kimani son Geoffrey said the family members were so scared they hid in a nearby house to escape the wrath of the mob, who were throwing stones and threatening to burn down their home.  Geoffrey who was shaking while talking to our reporter said “we are so scared since the mob has threatened to come back later in the night to burn down our home, my mum’s blood pressure has gone up. We don’t know what to do”

Geoffrey claimed two police officers came and requested the lynched man to open the door so that they could save him but he refused.  It is claimed the man was lynched when the two officers had taken the other badly injured man to safety.

The body was picked up by police at around 7pm.



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