Funeral Annoucement Oloolua People Youth

OLOOLUA: The Late Dennis Saruni Laid to Rest (PHOTOS)

The funeral of Dennis Saruni Mutunkei took place today at the family home in Oloolua.  The late Saruni was 28 yrs old and had graduated from Mt Kenya University with a diploma in hospitality management.  He had worked at Narumoru River Lodge as a trainee and was regularly contracted by outside catering firms.

2nd Right (Mr Benson Mutunkei Sikorei – the deceased father)

Oloolua PCEA Youth group performed at the funeral to celebrate and say goodbye to the late Saruni who was still a member of the group until the day he met his death.

The first born of Mr Benson Mutunkei Sikorei was a die hard fun of Manchester United, loved dancing, travelling, music and driving.

It was a sad and emotional funeral

The high number of mourners who turned up to bid farewell to the late Saruni proved how popular and loved he was by the community.






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