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KANGAWA: Suspected Thieves demand a Share of the SGR Payment

4 suspected thieves attempted to break into Mrs Lepapa’s house in Kangawa yesterday morning around 10am.  The four young men claimed to be in their early 20s were seen by Mrs Lepapa’s neighbor who was looking after his cattle which were grazing in Oloolua forest.

The house which was being targeted by alleged thieves

The neighbor immediately notified Mrs Lepapa who is a teacher at Ngong Township who in-turn reported the issue to Oloolua Administration Police. The police rushed to the scene immediately.

A man points at footprints at the verandah

Mrs Lepapa also contacted her son who rushed to the scene with his cousin. The son told our reporter they found two fearless men in the compound who didn’t show any urgency to escape.  The son claimed they attempted to corner one of the suspected thieves but he managed to escape into Oloolua forest together with his accomplices.

A man shows our reporter where one of the suspected thieves was hiding

Mrs Lepapa claimed one of the young men while walking away said “hamutakula pesa ya SGR peke yenyu!” (you will not enjoy the SGR money alone)

The two men pointing at a fence where two suspected thieves escaped through.

Mrs Lepapa told our reporter that she was planning to build her retirement in the land where the attempted breaking took place yesterday, but she has second thoughts now since her family security is not guaranteed.

Mrs Lepapa

Mrs Lepapa requested the government to compensate those affected by the SGR project as soon as possible to enable them to move on with their lives.

A man points at a hacksaw blade left behind by the suspected thieves
It is claimed the suspected thieves were hiding in a nearby unfinished building



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