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KANGAWA: 12 Yrs Old Boy Allegedly Commits Suicide

A 12 years old boy identified as Moses Kiarie is alleged to have committed suicide by hanging himself this morning at around 10am in Kangawa.

Gladys Wahu – Mother of the late Moses Kiarie

The late Moses Kiarie mother Gladys Wahu who was at a nearby farm doing casual work when she was informed about the sad event told our reporter “I had left Moses together with my twins in the house, while in the shamba, I saw a friend of Moses whom I sent to check if my twins had slept, moments later he came back and broke the news”

A police officer talks to the boy claimed to have found the late Moses hanging in the house

Gladys said a neighbor came last night to her house alleging that her late son with two other boys aged 11 and 13 had harassed her daughter and her friend who are 12 and 13 years old.  She claimed the man had threatened to punish the late Moses Kiarie.

A family friend cries after viewing the body of the late Moses Kiarie

Gladys further claimed the mothers of the two girls visited the home of one of the accused boy’s home as well as her home this morning, further threatening to report the boys to the police later today.  Gladys claimed she wasn’t home when the two women visited her house this morning.

Gladys Wahu with Chief Mpesha

Elveza Media spoke to Daniel who is the man alleged to have threatened the late Moses Kiarie with punishment.  Daniel told our reporter indeed his daughter had told him that the boys had attempted to rape them.  He claimed the girls were coming from the shop.  Daniel concluded by saying his utterances last evening were only mean’t to scare and deter the boys from attempting the alleged act again.

Center in white shirt – Assistant Chief Lemoyah

Oloolua Chief Moses Mpesha and Assistant Chief Lemoyah visited the scene.




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