NGONG TOWN: Hon. Sungura Supervises Demolition of a Fence and Beacons

Ngong MCA Hon. Sungura last week on the 23rd August supervised the demolition of a fence in a piece of land which he claimed it was grabbed. Eleven boundary beacons recently put up in a nearby plot were also destroyed.

The fence and the beacons were put up a few days prior to the demolition.  It is claimed the person behind the alleged grabbing of the fenced plot is a wife of a former KANU bigwig from Kajiado Central.

The two plots measuring approximately half an acre is part of the land also claimed by the judiciary for the construction of Ngong Law Courts.  The land is claimed to have a total of 7 different title deeds.

A man destroys a beacon using an axe

If you are one of the 7 title holders claiming the disputed land kindly contact ELVEZA MEDIA on 0726072581.  We would like to hear your side of the story.