Olorgesaille Prehistoric Museum : Where Early Human Technology is Displayed

Olorgesaille prehistoric museum is located near Oletepesi along Magadi Road. The site is famous globally for having a vast accumulation of stone age hand axe tools.

The hand axe which was part of early human technology was made in Africa, Asia and Europe between  around 1.5 million years ago.  The first prehistoric artifacts were discovered at Olorgesaille in 1919.

Early human technology in display at the museum

According to James Kirunja who is a curator at the museum, discovery of hippopotamus and fish bones during previous excavations is an indication the site lies in an area which was once a lake that dried up many years ago.

James Kirunja who is a curator at the museum

The site is approximately 45 minutes drive from Kiserian Town.  The road is tarmacked although one has to be wary of the sharp corners along Magadi Rd. There is a small petrol station in Oletepesi Town.

The road off Magadi Rd to the museum requires attention.

The only let down is the stretch of the road off Magadi road to the museum which is approximately 500 mtrs only. The road is in a terrible state and requires attention urgently to attract more visitors.

Danson Taris who is the Assistant Curator at the museum standing next to skulls of mostly extinct animal species

Citizens (Adults) pay Ksh100 entry fee

Danson Taris

Accommodation is available at a fee of between Ksh1000 and Ksh1200 for those who want to spend a night or a weekend there.

Accommodation is available

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