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OSENETOI WELFARE GROUP Holds Quarterly Meeting

OSENETOI Welfare Group last Sunday 19th August held it’s quarterly meeting at Olepolos water borehole ground in Oloolua.  The welfare group was established to financially assist the members during burials.

The group has 500 paying members and approximately 4000 members when their dependents are included. Those under 25 years old are covered by their parents membership.

The members contribute Ksh300 whenever there is a burial.  Ksh60,000 goes towards the burial with the remaining amount handed over to the deceased next of kin.

The members discussed many issues which are affecting their community such as Roads, liquid and solid waste management, affirmative funds, security and SGR.

Calls For Demonstrations over Poor State Of Oloolua Road

The residents complain over neglect of Ngong – Oloolua – Imani and 46 road. There was a suggestion for the residents to organize a demonstration to highlight the bad condition of the road.

Oloolua Location Chief Moses Mpesha

In response Chief Mpesha requested the resident to give his office 21 days to find a solution before engaging in a demonstration.

Dumping of diapers

The residents complained over the dumping of diapers within Oloolua.  They requested for action to be taken by the public health office to address the problem.

In response chief Mpesha said the residents should take responsibility and improve in the management of their waste.  The chief promised to go door to door to inspect how plot owners within Oloolua Sub-location are managing their waste

Bars and Salons Accused for Dumping

The chief cited out bars and Salons for contributing towards the dumping problem. He accused bars and salons of paying street boys little money to dump their waste.  The chief further claimed the street boys do not take the waste to the dumpsite but rather dump them in the nearest back road. He ordered bar owners and Salon owners to be responsible and take care of the environment.

Political Leaders Challenged

2017 Oloolua Ward MCA aspirant Mr George Ngatah

The chief challenged Oloolua political leaders to hold regular meetings amongst themselves with a motive to lobby for development within Oloolua.

2017 Oloolua Ward MCA aspirant Sophia Katampoi called for unity within Oloolua Sub-location

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