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OLOOLUA: Property Owner Admits Dumping Liquid Waste

During the quarterly OSENETOI Welfare Group meeting held at Olepolos water borehole grounds in Oloolua today. A member of the group alleged that a resident of 46 in Oloolua ward is pumping liquid waste along Ngong Kiserian Road during the night to avoid detection. The member requested for action to be taken immediately .

The allegations were made during the quarterly Osenetoi Welfare Group meeting held today at Oloolua.

2017 Oloolua Ward MCA aspirant and chairman of Oloolua Sub-location development committee Mr George Ngatah together with Oloolua Location Chief Moses Mpesha and Elveza Media Reporter visited the scene to verify the dumping allegations.

From Left – Mr Ngatah, Chief Mpesha and a resident of Oloolua. The circled area is where the underground pipe allegedly drains the liquid waste

The two leaders discussed the allegations with the property owner who is accused of dumping the liquid waste. The man confirmed there is an underground liquid waste disposal pipe connected from his property all the way to a drainage along Ngong Kiserian Road, a distance of approximately 100 mtrs.

A resident of Oloolua shows our reporter where the underground pipe exits the property.

The property owner in his defense claimed only laundry and bathroom water is dumped through the pipe.  Chief Mpesha gave the man 21 days to remove the pipes failure to which further action will be taken.  The Chief further promised to inform the public health officer in charge of Oloolua ward to officiate the 21 days notice.

Is the public health office doing enough to reduce or eliminate the dumping of liquid waste in your area?


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