Community Funeral Annoucement Mathare-Ngong People

A man body was exhumed on July 26 2018 in Ngong Cemetery following an exhumation order by a magistrate in Ngong Law courts on July 25th. The exhumation order was requested by his relatives.  The deceased who was identified as Sonaye Arap Sonaye had been buried only a few days prior to the exhumation.  He was a resident of Mathare Ngong and a member of Ngong Catholic Church.

A banana tree was planted at the grave site after the body was exhumed

According to the deceased long term elderly neighbor Jane Chemutai, Sonaye moved to Nairobi from Kericho a few years before Kenya gained independence from the colonial government.  His parents passed away when he was very young and was raised by his elder sister who is also deceased. Chemutai alleged Sonaye sister had moved to Nairobi to escape a violent marriage and settled in Majengo estate .

She further claimed Sonaye moved to Ngong after getting a job as a caretaker in a construction site in Ngong.  Chemutai told our reporter “I was looking for someone to guard my property in Mathare, when a donkey water vendor told me there is a fellow tribesman in Ngong who might be interested”.  The vendor introduced her to Sonaye and within a few days he had moved to Mathare.

A banana tree was planted at the grave site after the body was exhumed

Chemutai claimed she built Mzee Sonaye a room at her compound where he lived until he met his death. In the 1990s, Sonaye who was collecting and selling scrap metal, sustained a leg injury which eventually led to both his legs getting amputated at Kenyatta National Hospital.  According to Chemutai, Mzee Sonaye rarely talked about his relatives and further claimed he had not seen his relatives since moving to Nairobi with his late sister.

Following the amputation, Sonaye who was an independent man became dependent on his elderly neighbor Chemutai and well wishers.  Members of Ngong Catholic Church members contributed greatly towards the life of Mzee Sonaye.

Mzee Sonaye was born in Kericho on 16th April 1937 and died on 12th July 2018. It is alleged his body was taken to Kericho by his relatives to be buried at the family land. May his soul rest in peace.


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