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OLOOLUA ROAD: Hon. Manje Responds

Oloolua residents are planning to meet on Sunday 5th August with an aim of holding a harambee to repair the Oloolua Road which is in a bad state.  The meeting according to our source will be held at Oloolua Centre at 3pm.

Elveza media contacted the Oloolua MCA Hon. Njogu who said the road is a national government infrastructure under the guardianship of Kajiado North MP Hon. Manje.  Hon. Njogu who oversights county government projects however said his office is ready and more than willing to assist, in finding a solution to the bad condition of the road.


Elveza Media contacted Hon. Manje through his Personal Assistant and former Olkeri Ward MCA Aspirant Mr Kinyua who sent the following message;  “I have alerted Hon. Manje about the Oloolua Road and the Concerns.  We have been awarded 65kms of road upgrade in our constituency, unfortunately the CDF fund after the legal amendments can no longer fund road infrastructural development.  We shall continue lobbying the National Government to allocate funds for the construction of Oloolua Road”.

Ongoing construction work along Oloolua Road near Mathare Ngong

There is ongoing construction work along a section of Oloolua road.  The work however is not clear which distance it will cover although a construction worker claimed they will not go beyond the Ngong cemetery.




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