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KANDISI: SGR Contractor Kicked Out by Protesters

Residents of Kandisi whose land is affected by the SGR project held a peaceful demonstration yesterday to protest delay in compensation  by the government.

The peaceful demonstrators ordered the Contractor to stop work and leave site immediately.  The contractor under police guard agreed to immediately stop work and even moved most of the machinery from three sites within Kandisi.

Circled – Prisca Bymukama

Prisca Bymukama whose property is marked for mandatory acquisition said “Our lives have been kept on hold for two years now. We just want to be compensated so that we can move on with our lives.”

Boaz Odenyo

Boaz Odenyo said “I took a loan to build my dream retirement home, we have built relations with our neighbors and now we have to start a fresh and the delay in compensation is stressing us”.

Circled – Boaz Odenyo home marked for demolition.

Odenyo further said the delay in compensation is psychological torture since they are not getting regular updates in regard to the status of compensation.  Odenyo concluded by saying “I suspect my wife is developing high blood pressure due to the compensation uncertainty.”

Rosemary Gathoni

Rosemary Gathoni whose parents consented to the early entry request by the contractor was part of the protest.  Gathoni claimed her elderly and sick parents are suffering since they cannot farm in their 1.5 acre land where the Rongai Station is being built.  She agreed the contractor did compensate them for the early entry but claims the money was not sufficient due to the delay in the land compensation.

Father Francis Ngugi

Speaking on behalf of the protesters, Father Francis Ngugi said they will hold a peaceful march next Friday 10th August starting at Nairobi City Mortuary and march all the way to Ardhi house to demand answers from the National Land Commission.

They vowed not to allow the contractor back on site until they are fully compensated.

A worker leaving site
Workers leaving site
Contractor vehicles leaving site

Protesters walk past towering railway line pillars
Protesters block a contractors vehicle
Protesters blocks a road leading to the proposed Rongai Station


A protester carrying a stone to block the proposed Rongai station access road



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