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End of the Road For Popular Matatu LA-FERRARI

LA-FERRARI which used to be a popular route 111 matatu has been converted into a canter.  At its prime, some youth would only ride on the pimped matatu. Joel who is a resident of Ngong said “I used to have a conductor phone number in-order to find out where the LA-FERRARI was” travelling to Nairobi was not the same without La-FERRARI.

The matatu being converted

The conversion is being done in a garage right here in Ngong town. One of the skilled youthful mechanics redoing the wiring told our reporter Ngong is full of skilled men and women who are capable to sustaining a vehicles conversion industry which is competitive enough to attract clients from all over the country.

The matatu being converted

Even though the cost of pimping a matatu can cost upto a million shillings, the pimped body has a terrible resale value.  The body of LA-FERRARI was sold as scrap metal.

Do you have any memories of LA-FERRARI? Kindly share with us

The matatu being converted
The new body being welded together
The new LA-FERRARI canter taking shape

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