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“We need clean toilet facilities, Open at All Times for All” Visitors at County Headquarters Request

Visitors who travel to seek services in Kajiado (National and County) administration offices will soon benefit from a modern toilet facility courtesy of the National Government through the offices of the County Commissioner.

The toilet which according to our source will be built in the County Commissioner’s block, will be a relief to many visitors who have to knock at departmental doors to request for toilet keys.

A urinal in one of the departments

There are toilet facilities in each department, but most are either locked and the ones which are open are in bad condition and not befitting such important facilities according to Jennifer who is a land dealer.

Thousands visit the County headquarters Monday to Friday for various services such as birth certificate registration, land issues, court services and attending the county assembly.

A urinal in one of the departments

Jacob Mutei who is a resident of Kajiado and regular visitor to the headquarters said “we need a clean toilet facilities, open at all times for all, which I can freely walk in.  The sentiments of Jacob were supported by many visitors who our reporter spoke to.

Not all toilet facilities are in bad condition such as the ones in the Department of Lands, Physical planning & Urban Development, unfortunately only the urinal is usually open.

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