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KISAMIS: Water Project Revival Brings Conflict

There was a demonstration last week on the 28th June in Kisamis Town.  The demonstration was organised by a group of Kisamis residents  following the re-launch of the water project by Keekonyokie MCA Hon.Moses Saoyo Kusero on 11th May 2018.

The peaceful demonstrators marched through Kisamis town carrying placards ending up at the offices of Kajiado West deputy county commissioner, William Kakimoi. They presented the following written proposals to the DCC;

  • Removal and replacement of the current Kisamis borehole water project committee immediately. The group proposes for the new committee to be responsible in overseeing the current piping project and clearance of the electricity bill by the area MCA through the Emergency kitty from the office of Kajiado Deputy Governor.
  • Local youth to be given priority in employment during the piping works of the water project. That the contractor should only come with the Engineer with rest of the labor sourced from the community.
  • That all clusters propose names to a central organizing committee of 25 people from which, an executive committee of seven shall be elected to run the project for a period of five years which can be renewable.
  • That the theft of pipes by some individuals be reported for possible apprehension and recovery of the pipes.
  • That the pipe to take water from the borehole to the community tank should be 2″ in size and if possible have the plastic roll to contain the stealing of pipes in the future.
  • That an inventory of all water equipment, pipes especially those in the custody of the officials and those in water drinking points be done to facilitate proper water supply to all residents.
  • That a local restaurant they claimed uses the project water, should pay for water they consume as well as electricity.

Our reporter spoke to a member of the current committee who said they are willing to hold elections and further claimed the demonstrating group have no development record within the community.

Kajiado West DCC William Ole Kikamon (Circled)

The DCC will hold a meeting with the two opposing groups this week on Thursday 12th July at 10am in Kisamis.




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