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ANNOUNCEMENT: Safety Measures Introduced to Protect Members of the Public, from Illegal Chemists

The Pharmacy and Poisons Board of Kenya has advised Kenyans who visit local Chemists, to look out for the HEALTH SAFETY CODE. The safety code should be displayed openly within the chemist and ideally in the windows.  The safety code was introduced to assist members of the public to know the identity of the pharmacist and whether the premises they are operating from is registered.

  • SEND THE SAFETY CODE TO:  21031 (Free SMS)
  • The SMS will enable the sender to access the Pharmacy and Poisons Board online.
  • The sender will be able to retrieve the name of the premise, the exact geographical location and the name of the pharmacist in-charge including his or her photograph.

The board is also advising members of the public to only accept service from the pharmacist whose name, photograph and practice licence appears after sending the safety code.


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